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Writing For Results: A practical guide to developing sophisticated writing and applying it under exam conditions.

Understanding how to be sophisticated and succinct in analytical and imaginative writing is one of the biggest challenges students face in English. In this practical guide, you will be given easy tips that have been tried and tested with students and teachers over the past 20 years, helping you transform your creative and essay writing into something that is high impact and gets results.

Here we have made a small number of writing videos available for everyone.

The Crucible Essay Structure Paragraph 1

Mathematics – Basics of Algebra

Foundations of Chemistry Acid Naming


How do you conclude paragraphs and start conclusions?


Our workshops are all run in small groups and are geared towards students maximising their results under exam conditions. We revise content, as well as administer exam-style questions under timed conditions to enhance student’s performance for their assessments, trials and HSC. These are run for students from years 9-12.

5 Ways to Stop Your Child From Falling Behind & Getting Lost in The Classroom

Downloadable Resources

Here are some downloadable resources that you can use to help your high school studies. If you have any questions about the resources or anything else, please reach out to us via

Rules for Writing & Quotations

Standard English Paper 2 Practice

90 Literary Techniques & Devices

Analysis of “Spotty Handed Villainesses” by Margaret Atwood for Module C

Downloadable Analysis of “Spotty Handed Villainesses” by Margaret Atwood for Module C

How to write an essay on Shakespeare’s ‘Othello

Downloadable How to write an essay on Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’

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