Private Coaching for Year 5 – 12 for all subjects & levels online coaching: COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 crisis, our private, one-to-one online lessons are the perfect solution to allow your child to continue learning.

Private One on One Coaching


We now offer private online coaching during COVID-19 for Year 5 – 12 for all levels and subjects, additionally we offer the following preliminary and HSC subjects, including:

  • English up to Extension 2
  • Mathematics up to Extension 2
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Environmental Studies, Senior Science, PDHPE
  • Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies
  • Ancient and Modern History, Geography

We have been teaching students since 2003, and have a well established online offering since 2014, which has been developed and refined over the years and is now fully developed to offer your child safe private tutoring during COVID-19.

Common fears parents and students may have about online learning…
  • That students may get easily distracted if a person is not right in front of the
  • That the same of depth and quality of content will not be delivered online
  • That students are spending far too much time in front of ‘screens’ and losing personal connections and the ability to engage
 How we will ensure you get value from online lessons… 
  • While many other online platforms do not require a student to engage with another person, or allow students to have the same tutor each week, our lessons have the full attention of our tutors, and your child will have a consistent time allocated with the same tutor each week
  • We ensure students get the benefit of both the content they’re learning, as well as training them to engage in the future of online university learning, and a workforce that is increasingly virtual
  • All online lessons are subject to our ‘trial‘ policy. If a student does not get value from the first lesson or does not want to continue, you will not be charged for it




View a sample online lesson:



Here is some of what our past online students have had to say about their online lessons with us:

“I was able to access Ignite’s tutoring services from Newcastle by doing online lessons through Skype. I found that each lesson was very efficient and engaging and that they took the extra step to ensure that the student was fully confident in themselves and in their own abilities. The lessons being online, we used the program ‘Google Docs’ which allowed both the student and the tutor to be working on a document at the same time. In doing this, we were able to make the best use of our time and be productive in completing a lot of work in each lesson. Overall, I found that the online lessons proved to be far more effective than other one-on-one tutoring experiences I have had in the past and it helped me achieve far greater results than I could have imagined.”
Kavini Palipana, Newcastle Grammar ATAR 99.25 

“I began online tutoring at Ignite for Advanced English in February 2016 and continued up until the HSC. The online sessions were highly useful as they allowed me to write strong, detailed essays which saw my marks improve drastically over the course of the year. They also ensured that I stayed on track with my preparation for English assessments over the year. They provided great guidance for my essay writing and the weekly feedback was excellent. Thank you so much!”
Emily Dalwood Brigidine ATAR 90+ 

“I started online lessons with Ignite Learning for English Advanced in Term 1 and carried through with them until my HSC exams in October. I could not recommend online lessons enough for anyone wanting an advantage in their HSC subjects!
Through undertaking English lessons online I was able to complete the tasks set by my tutor at any time, giving me the freedom to choose the time of study which worked best for me. The online lessons also gave me the flexibility to work from the comfort of my own study environment at home, helping me to develop good study patterns and habits throughout the year.
Combined with Ignite Learning’s holiday exam workshops, I was able to gain confidence in my ability and felt well prepared for my Trial and HSC exams allowing me to achieve some of my best results ever! The attitude towards learning at Ignite definitely made English more enjoyable for me, truly encouraging me to push myself throughout my HSC year!”
Lisa Vaccarella, Brigidine College ATAR 94.45