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How We Help NSW Students Reach Their
Full Potential – In School and In Life…

Over the past 20 years, Ignite Learning has helped more than 1800 students achieve awesome school grades without suffering late-night, last-minute stress with assignments and exams.

Unlike many tutors who provide generic instructions without taking time to really understand what each student needs (the tutor just turns up and asks, “So, what do you need help with today?”), we talk with each student BEFORE their session and tailor lesson plans to bridge specific skill gaps and learning goals. Taking this extra time builds rapport and trust, leading to more engaging, effective and enjoyable tutoring sessions.

And while many tutors are more like passive course facilitators who supply answers to questions, our carefully chosen, highly trained tutors actively engage students, leading them to discover the answers themselves. This active approach gives your child:

  • A deeper understanding and enjoyment of the subject matter
  • Improved retention and recall under high-pressure exam conditions
  • And greater application and enjoyment of their newfound knowledge

Our proven 3-step method includes:


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What Real Mums and Dads Say:

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been honoured to support more than 1800 students with Maths tutoring. Here’s what some past students and their parents say about how Ignite Learning has helped them

Very happy that we made the decision to use Ignite Learning for both of our sons. They have different tutors and the quality of teaching is consistent and professional. My one son has gone from a ranking of below average to 1st in his year group, which we never realised was possible. My other son has improved greatly too. The admin staff, management and tutors are all friendly and professional and the communication is fantastic. We receive a comprehensive fortnightly report and queries are followed up quickly. Special mention to Lina, Sabrina, Karla and Jimmy

Vanessa Sabatta

Out of all the tutoring centre my son has tried out. Ignite learning is by far the most personalised tutoring we have ever came across. Karla and her team of tutors took their time to understand my son’s needs, and designed a tailored tutoring plan to suit my son’s ability and learning style. I noticed a drastic improvement in his grades at school, but most importantly his confidence in study and learning. Can’t thank Ignite Learning enough for their guidance and support to my son!

Nelson Wang

Based On the Official NSW Syllabus

Tailored to Student’s Individual Needs

More Than 20 Years of Tutoring Success

No Pre-Payment, Minimum Terms, Or Lock In Contracts

How Ignite Learning Is Different

(Comparing Tutoring Methods)

With thousands of tutors in the Sydney area, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Especially when most tutors appear to be similar (at first glance) and profess to offer a quality educational experience.

The right tutor will actively engage with your children, helping them to stay motivated, organised and on track, so they can enjoy school and excel in exams and assignments without the stress (and without you having to push them).

However, a different tutor may be less proactive, less engaging, and miss many of these important learning opportunities.

Here are some of the things that set Ignite Learning apart from other tutoring services.

View a sample lesson:

Comparing Ignite Learning & Traditional Tutors
Traditional Tutors Ignite Learning
Pre-Session Planning Sadly, too many tutors turn up to sessions unprepared and simply ask, “What do you need help with today?” In other words, they ‘wing it’ from week to week We take time to speak with each student BEFORE their first session so we can understand their needs and tailor lesson plans to bridge specific skill gaps and learning goals
Tutors and Training

Diverse range of ages, skill levels and teaching methods, often learning on the job



High-achieving tutors who are familiar with content and trained (via simulated tutoring sessions) in our ‘active coaching’ tutoring process
Tutoring Process

Passively presents course material and reactively answers questions that students ask


Our ‘active coaching’ process uses thoughtful questions to lead students to discover answers for themselves, so they understand, retain and recall more of what they learn
See more comparisons
Traditional Tutors Ignite Learning
Content Focus Focus on passively reinforcing basic classroom content (e.g. remembering and summarising text plots) Focus on actively applying knowledge (e.g. deconstructing and analysing texts) so students build skills that prepare them for exams, assignments and real life
Content Leverage Content may not be directly related to assignments and school homework, often creating a double workload Proactively plan around school homework and assignment topics so activities can be efficiently leveraged into assignment submissions, saving hours of repeat work
NSW Syllabus Experience Many tutors (both national brands and local independents) are unaware of the latest NSW Syllabus requirements Our 20-year association with NSW Syllabus developers ensures we are always up to date with the latest content and requirements
Rapport and Engagement

Too often ask closed questions like, “Do you understand that now?” that elicit vague answers like, “Yeah, sort of”. These passive interactions are uninspiring and miss important learning opportunities




Our trained tutors use thoughtful open questions like, “Tell me what you know about this character?” and then use more questions to further build their knowledge and understanding. This is all supported by positive reinforcement that grows the student’s confidence and desire to learn
Feedback Parents mostly rely on what their children tell them about their tutoring sessions We provide parents with a detailed progress report every two weeks, so you always know where your child is at
Online Tutoring

Transferring offline tutoring to an online environment is often hit and miss


Although we continue to offer in-person sessions (depending on Covid restrictions), our tutoring is specially designed for engaging online delivery
Contracts and Pre-Payment Often required to pre-pay an entire term No contracts and no requirement to pre-pay
Cost Varies greatly depending on age and experience of tutor, and affiliation with larger brand or company The only thing that is average about Ignite Learning is our price. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. But we guarantee to give you the best value.
Free Trial Session Some offer a Free Trial, but it is usually more of a ‘get to know you’ session We get to know you and your child in a pre-session Discovery Call so your Free Trial is an accurate taste of our ongoing tutoring


Creative Kids

Based on the requirements of the new NSW syllabus, Ignite Your Learning is now running a course that covers all aspects of writing creatively for students from years 7 to 12.


This course is specifically designed to aid students in coming up with ideas, linking to a stimulus, and understanding what teachers are looking for when it comes to Imaginative, Persuasive, Discursive and Reflective Writing.

We get results

Ignite Your Learning is a place where students can come to be totally blown away by what they are capable of. Students that come to Ignite don’t need to be extremely motivated by their subject, but do need a desire to improve. If they are offered a place, we promise to provide an extraordinary service from experienced, high performing academic tutors.”

– Karla Sabella, Director of Ignite

  • English 95% 95%
  • Maths 96% 96%
  • Science 94% 94%
  • Biology 98% 98%
  • Economics 97% 97%
  • Chemistry 98% 98%

Meet our senior tutors and coaches

Karla Sabella

Karla Sabella

Founder, and English Coach

“Teaching is never about getting a result. It is about students realising what they are capable of, and being completely inspired by that!” …read more



Jordan Shin

Jordan Shin

Maths, Physics & Chemistry Coach

I believe the ability to absorb and utilise knowledge truly empowers one’s potential to face any challenges and hardships which occur in life” …read more



Ragavi Ragavan

Ragavi Ragavan

Biology, Chemistry, Maths and PDHPE Coach

“I believe continuous learning is vital and as a tutor I encourage strategic and creative ways to keep a student engaged in the subject.” …read more



Salena Bhalerao

Salena Bhalerao

Economics & Legal Studies Coach

“Learning is about evoking curiosity and encouraging students to explore subjects they are passionate about. ” …read more



Meet all our Tutors

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Writing For Results: A practical guide to developing sophisticated writing and applying it under exam conditions.

Understanding how to be sophisticated and succinct in analytical and imaginative writing is one of the biggest challenges students face in English. In this practical guide, you will be given easy tips that have been tried and tested with students and teachers over the past 20 years, helping you transform your creative and essay writing into something that is high impact and gets results.


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Here is the quickest, easiest, no-cost, no-risk way to see if Ignite Learning may be right for your children:

  1. Free Discovery Call: During this 15-minute phone or online chat, your tutor will get to know you and your child, gain an understanding of your child’s current grades, goal grades, and specific challenges they would like help with. They will also book a time for your Trial Session
  2. Pre-Tutoring Planning: Your tutor will develop a detailed lesson plan to help your child with their specific learning needs and development goals.
  3. 60-Minute Online Tutoring Session: Your child will enjoy a complete 60-minute tutoring session during which they will get a genuine trial of our powerful tutoring methods.
  4. Tutoring: Further tutoring can be booked one session at a time with no contracts and no pre-payment.

Attending a Trial Session does not commit you to any further tutoring. It is simply a no-risk way to see if Ignite Learning may be right for your children.

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